Audiovisual Performances/Metal/Bubbles At Granoff

(2.16) Psychedelic. Looks like Granoff is the place to be this week. Tuesday it’s live video by Alexander Dupuis in combination with music performances by: Bevin Kelley, Kristin Hayter, Caroline Park, and Asha Tamirisa. (Facebook event page.)

G’d(w)^n’s castle is a video performance system I’ve been developing over the past year, exploring at various times ideas about space, liquid light shows, architecture, flicker films, a/v composition, metal, and really just about anything psychedelic. I’m extremely excited to play with a number of my favorite people/musicians who’ll be performing alongside different pieces/incarnations of the system and generally making everything awesome. It’ll be a short one, so stop by for rainbows, bubbles, nightmares, kaleidoscopes, synths, flashing lights, all that business!

You had me at bubbles.

Free, 8pm, Tuesday, February 16, Granoff Center Studio 1, 154 Angell Street, (directions)

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