Taxidermy/Art Symposium At Bell Gallery

Taxidermy, Art, and the Animal Question: A Symposium will be presented Friday and Saturday in conjunction with the Dead Animals show (up through March 27) at Bell Gallery.

Artist Rachel Poliquin gives the keynote lecture —Taxidermy and the Poetics of Strangeness — at 7:30pm, Friday, February 26.

Several lectures on Saturday, February 27:

9:30am — Petra Lange-Berndt/ A Life of Its Own: Taxidermy as Craftivism

10:30am — Steve Baker/ Beyond Botched Taxidermy

11:45am — Stephanie Turner/ Animal Skins, Photographic Surfaces: Taxidermy as Lens Craft

2pm — Byrnis Snæbjörnsdóttir & Mark Wilson/ Fading Symbols, Disappearing Worlds: The Cultural Lives of Endangered Species

3pm — Cary Wolfe/ Curating the Life/Death Relation: The Case of the Passenger Pigeon

4:30pm — Mark Dion and Robert Marbury, and speakers/ Playing with Dead Things: The Ethics of Animal Bodies in Art

(Seen here: Misfit (penguin/peacock, by Thomas Grünfeld, 2005) Our original take on the show.

Symposium Friday & Saturday, Bell Gallery, List Art Center, 64 College Street

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