‘RI Future’ Pursues Media Bias At ProJo

The uneven coverage of the Democratic primary race by the national media outlets has been getting major attention — although, not in the national media outlets. Everywhere you look — it’s all Hillary, all the time. Even when Bernie is filling arenas with thousands of rabid, cheering supporters, we get Hillary visiting a diner. And now a big ‘thank you’ goes to RI Future for also holding the Providence Journal’s feet to the fire.

RI Future editor Bob Plain reports today — “ProJo editor admits paper of record did Bernie wrong” — that an initial post by Nicholas Delmenico has prompted a response from ProJo executive editor David Butler who admits that they could have done “a better job covering Bernie Sanders’ primary wins on Saturday.” Then Butler tried this bit of disingenuous spin,

Butler, whose full email you can read here, said, “There is no blackout of the Dems.” Delmenico’s post does not allege a blackout of Democrats, but rather of Bernie Sanders.

Yes Mr. Butler, we know the corporate media outlets are not blacking out Hillary. That’s the whole point. Gee, I wonder why the millennials are getting their news elsewhere.

I recommend Nicholas Delmenico’s original post “The Bernie blackout is real, and it’s happening at the Providence Journal.” See how all roads lead to Goldman Sachs. (In his email, Mr. Butler did not take issue with any of Mr. Delmenico’s assertions.)

Good work you guys.

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