‘Law And Order Party’ — Emphasis On Party

Just do what the man says and nobody gets hurt. This might be the perfect time to alert our readers to the latest entry in the local blogosphere — The Law and Order Party: 365 Things To Do In Rhode Island This Year. This is the latest project from former Dose contributor Matthew Lawrence of Headmaster, Not About the Buildings, spelling bee, and library advocacy fame. I should be mad that he is encroaching a little on our territory except . . . this Matthew we’re talking about. Everybody loves Matthew. Here is how he describes it.

I’ve started a new project, Law And Order Party, which is a weekly email telling you about seven cultural events that are happening in Rhode Island. Art, music, film, theatre, performance and, yes, literary events. It comes out every Sunday and consists of one email each week. You can sign up here and if you decide you don’t like it that’s fine, too. Simple, right? It’s a slightly but not altogether different way of promoting local cultural events. (The big difference I guess is that now I’m just telling you about the events rather than planning them.)

Besides, this new blog (and weekly email blast) covers all of Rhode Island. I already love the feature on the front page with its interactive Restaurant Brackets. Nordic Lodge vs. Gracie’s?! And then there is a monthly calendar of events with some very cool stuff that I’m afraid we completely missed. (The Salzburg Marionette Theater at RIC?)

Kudos to the designer — it looks great and it’s user friendly. And it’s got plenty of well-written and properly spelled content.* So scroll down on the front page, subscribe, and get a weekly email telling you what to do with your next seven days. And then come right back to the Dose for the extensive, focused, provocative, insidery, Providence news, where you learn about cool stuff like the Law and Order Party.

*Although, I may bring up the whole “theater/theatre” issue when I see him next.

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