Orval Day At Pizza J — Just Say ‘Oui’

(3.26) Is it Orval Day already? The Orval legend began almost 1,000 years ago when a princess accidentally dropped her ring into a spring and a trout returned it to her. Then somebody built a monastery on the site . . . yadda yadda yadda . . .  long story short . . . beer.

The birthplace of “Orval” beer continues to be Orval’s Brewery, located within the walls of the monastery of Orval, where Trappist monks live and are the shareholders and manager of the company.  The production facilities, completely renovated in the course of the last fifteen years, represent the most modern technologies of brewing science.

Check out the Orval Brewery website. Where it says, “Je déclare être en âge légal de boire l’alcool de mon pays,” click “oui.”

And I see that Pizza J manager Brian Shawn Oakley  posted on Facebook at about 10am, “been open an hour and already thru two cases of orval” so my question is — When did they open and what the hell is going on over there?! Are they on Belgium time?

At any rate, head over to Pizza J where they will be celebrating that trout from the black lagoon thing and selling Orval Trappist Ale all day . . . or as long as supplies last. (Facebook event page.)

John Thebeau from Merchant Du Vin (orval’s importer) will be stopping by doing some give-aways and sampling folks on orval. If you have never had Orval this is a great chance to try one of the most unique and amazing beers in the world. If you have already enjoyed it and love it then this is a great chance to help those in need. Come on down. Orval will be flowing all day at Julian’s and Pizza J!!!

(A portion of the proceeds to benefit MAP International.)

Orval Day, Saturday, March 26, Pizza J, 967 Westminster Street, (directions)

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