Fire Kando

A recent editorial in the Providence Journal — Elections Dysfunction — noted the continuing chaos over at the Rhode Island Board of Elections and has suggested a remedy.

This will be a busy year for the people who oversee elections in Rhode Island. On April 26, there will be a presidential preference primary. On Sept. 13, there will be party primaries for state and local races. On Nov. 8, there will be a general election, with the office of president, all the seats in the state legislature and a slew of local seats on the ballot.

Coinciding with all this activity, Rhode Islanders are watching as a spectacle plays out — one involving Robert A. Kando, executive director for the state Board of Elections, and the seven-member governor-appointed board itself, whose members can’t agree on whether Mr. Kando should keep his $143,131-a-year job or be fired.

Let us offer some assistance. Fire him.

That’s $143,131 a year! Let’s hope some exasperated board member will finally drop a dime and reveal who is protecting this guy.

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