Made On Honor, Sold On Merit

And brewed right here in Rhode Island! This is great news. We needed something fun this week. Narragansett Beer president Mark Hellendrung has announced that Narragansett Beer will soon be brewing in their new facility at 461 Main Street in Pawtucket. The ProJo reports,

The executive and sales offices, with some 10 employees, officially moves in tomorrow. They are packing up the Providence space on Ship Street that has been their home.

The brew-house equipment and cellar for aging are being fabricated in Oregon and will be brought to Rhode Island this summer for installation, Kelly said. They will be able to package 250 cans per minute onsite.

Brewing should start in August when they will be getting their seasonal Narragansett Fest ready for October.

Here is the close of Hellendrung’s letter to the ecstatic citizens of planet earth.

In 2009 we asked you to “Drink Your Part” and you certainly did. Every ‘Gansett you drank over the past 7 years was another brick in the brewery, and without you we would never be in the position that we are today. Thank you.

Make no mistake, you made this happen. Please accept my letter as your open invitation to come visit us when we’re up and running. This is your brewery and we can’t wait for you to be a part of it.

Thank you for everything

No . . . thank you Mr. Hellendrung. Drank up everybody!

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