Earth Day Cleanups

(4.23) Cleanups and e-waste collection are scheduled for Saturday. Join in.

WaterFire Providence is celebrating its 6th annual Earth Day cleanup in conjunction with Providence Parks. Clean-ups include Waterplace Basin, Donigian Park and O’Brien Park. Unclear where exactly people are meeting or when. Go to the PDF for more info, or contact

Dispose of your e-waste.

Joining WaterFire is FreeGeek, a non-profit that collects and properly refurbishes e-waste that can then be donated to other organizations in need. FreeGeek will be collecting laptops, iPads, tablets, cell phones, computers, keyboards, mice, and cords of any kind. FreeGeek will be onsite in the Citizen’s Bank parking lot to collect e-waste.


WBNA Neighborhood Cleanup: Saturday, 9am to noon, meet up at WBNA Headquarters, 1560 Westminster Street.

Start at the WBNA at 9am and enjoy free breakfast treats while you rally with neighbors and street captains (to become a street captain for your street, click here). Please wear work clothes, and bring gloves and tools (if you have them: rakes, square shovels, brooms).

Then you’re off to hit those troubled areas you all know about in the neighborhood. Maybe you also get to weed and clean some tree pits, or finally get that abandoned mattress off your street!

Today’s official Earth Day rant: Stop using K-Cups! They are still evil. (New York Times 4.17.16)

. . . the new K-Cups are unlikely to put an end to the attacks. Recyclable as they may be, the new cups are not compostable. They are not reusable. And Keurig will still be selling billions of pieces of plastic each year.

Seen here is a NASA earthrise image selected for its purplish hue.

NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) recently captured a unique view of Earth from the spacecraft’s vantage point in orbit around the moon.

“The image is simply stunning,” said Noah Petro, Deputy Project Scientist for LRO at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Maryland. “The image of the Earth evokes the famous ‘Blue Marble’ image taken by Astronaut Harrison Schmitt during Apollo 17, 43 years ago, which also showed Africa prominently in the picture.”

Credit: NASA/Goddard/Arizona State University

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