RI Progressive Democrats Meeting

(5.16) Tired of seeing those boneheads in the general assembly running unopposed? Tired of an ostensibly blue legislature enacting conservative initiatives? Take heart. There really is a political revolution in the works.

We have an active candidate recruitment campaign going on and it is already reaping results. Smart, qualified people — real democrats — are coming forward to challenge the incumbent conservative establishment. Find out more at the upcoming Rhode Island Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America (RIPDA) meeting this Monday at the Pawtucket Public Library.

The RIPDA is run by the energetic and hugely competent Sam Bell. Take a moment and read his piece “Why Bernie Sanders Inspires Me” (ProJo 4.13.16). The situation in Burlington was very like our general assembly and Bernie fixed it. And this is exactly what Sam wants to do here.

After Bernie’s big win in Rhode Island, we all agreed: Our work is far from over. We need to bring the Political Revolution to all levels of office in Rhode Island.

That’s why, at Monday’s Progressive Democrats meeting, we’re going to be talking about how to continue the Political Revolution. Come hear from Bernie Democrats challenging incumbent conservative establishment Democrats in the General Assembly. And come learn how you can help bring progressive values to our state.

Perhaps you will be inspired to run for office yourself. If not, donations are always welcome. The Rhode Island Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America holds its meetings on Mondays at various libraries etc. (RIPDA Facebook)

RIPDA Meeting, 7pm, Monday, May 16, Pawtucket Public Library, 13 Summer Street, (directions)


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