New Cart In Town

Tonight, at a PVD Fest event sponsored by Level Exchange to bring together music, brands, and fans, I met sweet co-owners Audrey and Sam of The Nitro Cart. Starting tomorrow, they’ll be on the corner of Westminster and Exchange (in RI speak, “under the Turk’s Head”) every Monday-Friday from 10 a.m.-3 p.m. serving up not only their delicious nitro-infused, cold-brewed iced coffee, but also – gasp – fresh Allie’s Donuts that they’ll pick up daily on their drive up from Jamestown. Stop by, say hi, and enjoy their amazing coffee and the only known-to-me downtown spot for Allie’s Donuts. It can’t hurt to follow them on Facebook or on Instagram to check for any time or route changes. They’re also open to additional suggestions to place their cart (may I suggest my apartment?).

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