RIPDA Fundraiser/Primary Watch — Wild Colonial

(6.7) Warning to you complacent incumbents in the general assembly, the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats of America (RIPDA) are loaded for bear, aiming straight at your primaries. RIPDA director Sam Bell reports that some excellent candidates — real Democrats — are throwing their hats into the ring. Steve Ahlquist of RI Future has been profiling the challengers. Let’s start with these three.

  • Kathleen Decker will be challenging Jared Nunes in District 25 (Coventry/West Warwick)
  • Jason Knight will be challenging Jan Malik in District 67 (Barrington/Warren)
  • Nicholas Delmenico will be challenging Pat Serpa in District 27 (coventry/West Warwick/Warwick)

In the news this week: House Speaker Mattiello and Senate President Paiva Weed have made it clear, they will not be allowing the marijuana legislation out of committee for a vote on the floor (ProJo 6.5.16). The parochial worldview of these two threatens to keep the state economically hamstrung forever, and not just on this issue. They and their minions in the general assembly are so consumed with protecting their slush funds (the legislative grant system) that they have no time for thoughtful consideration of any innovative and progressive legislation. (And this one doesn’t even take political courage. The latest numbers — 55% in a Brown University Taubman poll and 57% in an MPP poll — have a majority of Rhode Islanders supporting legalization of marijuana.)

Share your frustration (and some money please) with like-minded people — real Democrats! — this Tuesday watching the primary results and chugging beer at the Wild Colonial Tavern. From Mr. Bell,

As the presidential primary season winds down, it’s time to kick off the General Assembly primary season! With strong progressive challengers coming out of the woodwork, we have a huge opportunity to fundamentally change the way politics works in our state. If we can raise the resources we need, we will make major gains.

Ok people, this is it. It will be the night of the primaries, and we will be watching the returns at the Wild Colonial. This will be a great night–and what a way to end the whole primary season!

This will also be a fundraiser for the Rhode Island Progressive Democrats so we can help support progressive Democrats who will be running for state and local office in Rhode Island. And we need your help!

Pay at the door, or chip in the amount that feels right.

(Can’t make it? Donate to the RIPDA here.)

Fundraiser for a Political Revolution, 6pm to 11pm, Tuesday, June 7, Wild Colonial Tavern, 250 South Water Street

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