‘Weiner’ At Cable Car

Was there ever going to be another title for this movie? Did anyone ever walk into a production meeting and say “Hey, you know what we should call this movie?”

“Weiner,” starting Friday at the Cable Car, is an inside look at this exasperatingly arrogant politician who just could not stop sending provocative* pictures of himself to strange women. The larger narrative is the depressing state of modern politics and the media. We also get a closer view of that marriage (yikes). The movie starts after the first scandal had forced Weiner to resign from his congressional seat amid much apologizing and promises to change. Now he is running for mayor of New York and having trouble getting the media to ask about his ideas for housing in Queens. From Stephen Holden of The New York Times,

Tough as he is, Mr. Weiner is no match for a bloodthirsty mob of competing reporters and paparazzi demanding more information about his personal life. Whenever he tries to steer the conversation to the issues, journalists won’t let him. If you already hate television news for taking the low road, this documentary will confirm your distaste.

The annoying thing is, Weiner still occasionally appears on various television shows, analyzing current events with the insight and vision that got him elected in the first place. We really could have used his voice in Congress.

(Go here for movie trailer.)

*Provocative, as opposed to sexy. Still . . . better than Brett Favre who was naked except for his Crocs.

‘Weiner’ starts 2pm, Friday, June 10, Cable Car Cinema, 204 South Main Street, (directions)

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