Library Fundraiser At Cluck!

(6.13) The Friends of Olneyville Library have joined forces with Cluck! Urban Farm and Garden Supply to raise funds and buy replacement items for Olneyville Library, which suffered damage in recent flooding.

Olneyville Library was flooded on April 25 when heavy rains caused a rise in the water table underneath the building. “We are working hard to reopen the building as soon as possible,” said Sue Gibbs, PCL’s Chief Operating Officer. “We are grateful to the Olneyville Friends, Cluck! and the sponsors of this fundraiser, as insurance doesn’t cover the full cost of replacing some damaged items. We look forward to a restored library that will look as good as new!”

Guests are invited to participate in the “reverse raffle” and bid for the honor of replacing water damaged items. Entry is free and food and entertainment will be supplied by generous local community members. Event sponsors include Cluck! Urban Farm and Garden Supply, Narragansett Beer and Bagel Express on Broadway. (Facebook event.)

6pm to 8pm, Monday, June 13, Cluck! Urban Farm Supply, 399 Broadway, (directions)

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