Stop Praying And Contact Your State Legislators

So you can just program the “Thoughts and Prayers” format into your illuminated sign and fill in the name of the city or school when news breaks? Really saves time. Or maybe it’s time to do something more substantive.

Rhode Island State Rep Aaron Regunberg (D-Providence) was already working on some common sense gun control measures before Orlando. Like many of us who think that “prayers are not enough,” Regunberg wants to do something about it.

Mass shootings are complex, multifaceted events with numerous causes. But it’s not necessary to solve every layer of this problem before we solve the lowest-hanging fruit. There are common-sense bills in the General Assembly that can make a concrete difference in reducing the risk of gun violence. So let’s pass them. No more excuses.

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Gun Violence has three petitions you can sign. They will be delivered to the State House, the State Senate, and Governor Raimondo. Regunberg writes,

  • I introduced* legislation to ban high-capacity magazines, which would make it harder for mass murderers to obtain their accessory of choice.
  • We also have legislation to limit guns in schools, where they simply don’t belong.
  • Finally, we have legislation to protect the victims of domestic violence by keeping guns out of the hands of convicted domestic abusers.

*Also, Reps Carson, Ajello, Handy, and Almeida. Remember them at election time.

Senator Murphy’s filibuster was inspiring and may have actually moved the needle. It came to an end after 15 hours when Republican Party leaders reportedly agreed to allow votes on two proposed gun control measures. We’ll see. Proud to see Senators Whitehouse and Reed taking part.

Side Note: Aaron posted this on his Facebook page regarding the super-delegate system: “Looking forward to serving on the Rules Committee at the Democratic National Convention, where we can organize to eliminate this undemocratic vestige once and for all.” Have fun in Phillie, Aaron.

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