Wow, Gypsy Moths Are Bad This Year

While this is certainly true, gypsy moths are not responsible for this ‘faux tree with real boulder’ on the Main Green at Brown University. Kind of a cruel joke on those of us who keep vigil over the astonishing collection of American elms thriving on the Brown campus and know how vulnerable they are. I gasped when I saw this from a distance. Frankly, it’s a pretty damn convincing tree.

This bronze sculpture is Idee de Pietra (Ideas of Stone) by Italian sculptor Giuseppe Penone.

Giuseppe Penone’s 2006 cast bronze sculpture entitled Idee de Pietra is an elegant and contemplative reflection on the force of gravity in the natural world and the human body. The sculpture is installed amongst the elms that create a perimeter around the main green. Idee de pietra is modeled after a nut tree, and possesses a striking likeness in color, texture, and stature to the real thing.  It stands 27 feet in height, with a 5000 pound granite river stone nestled amongst the branches.

How long before the Delta Chis tag this baby.

(Brown University has a website devoted to its Public Art.)

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