‘Moonrise Kingdom’ — Roger Williams Park

(6.24) Head over to Roger Williams Park for a free screening of ‘Moonrise Kingdom’ Friday night . . . under the stars. This is the Rhode Island Wes Anderson movie and one of his best. (From the Facebook event page.)

The movie will start at 8:30 pm, but we encourage you to arrive early to snag a great seat. As this is our first “Movie at the Park” we are not sure how many people to expect.

Blanket to sit on, bug spray and sunscreen! Chairs are permitted, but please set up farther back on the lawn so that the view of the screen is not obstructed for those who are sitting on the grass. The evenings are still cool, can get chilly, so you may wish to bring a sweater or jacket. Children are welcome (although the movie is rated PG-13). Please do not bring your dog to the event.

The restroom at Carousel Village (across the street) will be open for part of the event. In addition, a restroom will be available at the Dalyrmple Boat House, located next to the lawn.

(I am the whitest person on the planet, and even I don’t use sunscreen at 8:30pm. Your call.) The film will be shown on the lawn adjacent to the Dalrymple Boathouse across from Carousel Village. And resist the urge to shout out every location you can identify in the movie. (Here’s the guide to New Penzance from the Old Providence Phoenix.)

From the New York Times review we learn the reason for the PG-13 rating. “Parents strongly cautioned. There’s smoking, tent-sharing and a bloody ear-piercing.” Oh my god, tent-sharing!!!  (A “How to talk to your children about tent-sharing” support group will meet after the movie inside the hissing cockroach exhibit.)

Running time is 94 minutes. Popcorn will be for sale for one measly dollar!

I learned of this event by subscribing to the Law and Order Party’s weekly email blast. We here at The Dose have enough trouble keeping up with events in and around Providence. Matthew Lawrence covers the entire state and he’s scooping me on local events. I need an intern.

Free, 8:30pm, Friday, June 24, Dalrymple Boathouse, RWP, 1000 Elmwood Avenue, (directions)

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