Hot Club Getting A Face Lift?

Just thought I’d give a little free publicity to the Hot Club which is clearly undergoing some sort of reno. It looks rather drastic from the street; but don’t drive by, they are open for business. The deck of the Hot Club is one of the best places on a hot a summer night anywhere in the city.

And every night at 8:30pm the club flashes its famous neon sign as a way of saying goodnight to the kids across the river in Hasbro Children’s Hospital. The light is flashed on and off for a minute and club patrons are encouraged to bring flashlights and join in. The kids are watching from the hospital windows. This ritual began last winter and the East Providence Police have now joined in on Wednesdays from Veterans’ Parkway.

The Hot Club is owned by one of the very best state senators, Josh Miller (D-Cranston), who does such great work in the general assembly. Among his many enlightened and bold initiatives, he has for several years sponsored the legislation to tax and regulate marijuana which would legalize it for adult recreational use. I have been testifying on this legislation as a speaker for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) and he has been great to work with. If you live in District 28 vote for this man! Everyone else donate money.

The Hot Club, 575 South Water Street, (directions)

2 thoughts on “Hot Club Getting A Face Lift?”

  1. Oh is that it. Cuz when I saw your name I assumed someone had driven through the front door.

  2. My understanding is they are expanding their (notoriously tiny) bathrooms and food prep, which will also allow them to expand seating.

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