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(7.14) This week’s installment of Movies on the Block is Mel Brooks’ 1987 ‘Star Wars’ spoof, ‘Spaceballs.’ Movie posters around town say something else, but we’ll go with the Facebook event page. (Here’s the MotB summer schedule: It looks like they swapped this with ‘Superman’ which will now be on August 11.) The NYT had this to say about ‘Spaceballs,’

In addition to concentrating on ”Star Wars” itself, ”Spaceballs” tosses in gibes at the expense of other recent science fiction; there is a ”Star Trek” sight gag, a visit to the ”Planet of the Apes” and some understandable foreboding when John Hurt (”Alien”) puts in an appearance. There are also some long slow stretches, during which Mr. Brooks tries too hard to stick to the standard plot requirements. But every so often, ”Spaceballs” comes up with something that’s sure to be remembered, like the invention of ”Perri-air,” which comes out of cans and is consumed by the elite on an increasingly airless planet.

(Nope, no one remembers that. My theory — homophonic jokes can’t gain traction because they can’t be inserted into conversation. By contrast, take that Target-with-a-French-accent thing that just will not die.)

Starring Mel Brooks, John Candy, Rick Moranis, and Joan Rivers as the voice of Dot Matrix. Running time 96 minutes. Rated PG.

8:19pm, Thursday, July 14, Grant’s Block, 260 Westminster at Union Street, (directions)

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