New Lovecraft Brew From Gansett

Something wicked-awesome this way comes and it’s the latest installment in the Narragansett Beer Lovecraft series, The White Ship White IPA. (Lovecraft’s, The White Ship, tells a story of a lighthouse keeper’s adventure aboard a mysterious ship where his curiosity and greed win out over his better judgment.)

This mildly fruity IPA pairs perfectly with citrus fruits and fresh herbs such as cilantro making this beer the perfect accompaniment for Mexican foods. The big flavorful hops also balance out rich, salty, fatty foods like pork belly.

Ingredients: Belgian and American Malts, Belgian Yeast, El Dorado and Mandarina Hops, Water.

The label art on these brews has been fantastic and has undoubtedly moved some cans. This time out Narragansett Beer puts local Rhode Island artist Uncle Pete McPhee to work crafting an image of the story’s grey lighthouse as the north point of a compass rose over a map of the narrator’s trip to the other world and back. McPhee of Swamp Yankee is known for his music posters, album covers, and the popular Cinco de Mayo and Rock ‘n’ Roll Yard Sale posters he makes every year.

The ProJo says “It will start appearing in stores this week in six packs of 16-ounce tallboy cans, priced between $11.99 – $12.99 suggested retail price.”

Made on Horror · Sold on Merit

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