Foo Fest Summer Block Party Downtown

(8.13) Great lineup this year. Headliner Dan Deacon is famous for his high-level of crowd participation and getting even the too-cool-for-school hipster types dancing around and going crazy. Perfect choice for Foo Fest.

Also highly anticipated are local headliners Arc Iris. Seen here are Zach Tenorio-Miller and Jocie Adams (drummer Ray Belli had to be cropped out for formatting purposes but is every bit as charming). The band is probably about to blast off with their soon-to-be-released second album, ‘Moon Saloon,’ which was just picked ‘Album of the Week’ at Spin, and the video for ‘Moon Saloon’ was featured at NPR Music. This show kicks off an extended national/European tour. (Keep up with Arc Iris at Facebook.)

Most importantly as regards this weekend, their live performances are lively and dreamy and fun . . . high entertainment value. Get down there and see if I’m not right about Ray. (Arc Iris is scheduled for 9pm on the outdoor stage.)

Other local bands this year include: Hussy, Gertrude Atherton, the Quahogs, and the band my friend Jim is always talking about, Snowplows. There’s something for everyone, from Churchburn to Harry and the Potters, and I have got to see the Flinstones.

There will be all-ages activities, food vendors, and the Mini Maker Faire. You know the drill. Just go. See Foo Fest 2016 for all the details.

$10 day of, AS220 Foo Fest, 1pm to 1am, Saturday, August 13, Empire Street is blocked off, (directions)

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