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(8.11) This week’s Movies on the Block is the 1978 Christopher Reeve vehicle, “Superman.” Vincent Canby of the New York Times provides some odd historical context for 21st century viewers;

The movie does nothing lightly or quickly. After opening credits that are so portentous they could be announcing the discovery of a new mouthwash, the film spends what seems to be an interminable amount of time (approximately an hour) on Krypton explaining the planet’s domestic problems (worse than but not as complicated as Iran’s) and Superman’s heritage, a sequence climaxed by the destruction of Krypton.

At the time of that review, the Shah of Iran was one month away from fleeing the country. We’re talking pre-Ayatollah. Seems like forever ago.

“Superman” is rated PG for no sensible reason whatever. Running time is 143 minutes. Also starring Marlon Brando (The Freshman) and Gene Hackman (Antz).

Double-feature recommendation: Following this movie go home and watch the wildly entertaining 2015 documentary “The Death of ‘Superman Lives’: What happened?”

7:51pm, Thursday, August 11, Grant’s Block, 260 Westminster at Union Street, (directions)

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