Work Begins On East Side Bike Path

Construction has begun on a new segment of the Blackstone River Bikeway which will help get cyclists off of Gano Street, hoorah.  This new strectch of the bike path will run north along the Seekonk River (seen here, with the Gano Street Boat Launch up on the left). From the ProJo,

The new, 0.7-mile bike path, which crews began working on Tuesday, is intended to connect the Bikeway to the East Bay Bike Path. It will start just north of the Gano Street Route 195 West off ramp and run along the Seekonk River shoreline to Richmond Square, where it returns to the on-street portion of the Bikeway on East River Street and Blackstone Boulevard.

Currently, cyclists moving between the East Bay Bike Path or India Point Park must use car-clogged Gano Street to reach the Blackstone Bikeway and points north.

Details from the RIDOT press release.

This 7/10 of a mile segment connects the existing on-road segment from Pitman Street/River Road to the Gano Street/Trenton Street area, following the Seekonk River waterfront through Gano Park.

. . . Through a $2.5 million project, which includes a $1.2 million construction contract and a budget contingency of $100,000, RIDOT will construct an off-the-road path by clearing, grading, paving, striping, and adding some railing and limited landscaping. Project completion is slated for Summer 2017.

(The ProJo hardcopy included a useful RIDOT map which neither online entity now makes available. Idiots.)

That still leaves a short piece of Gano Street beneath the Route 195/Washington Bridge for cyclists to negotiate. All this will need improving and, as a pedestrian, I know the sidewalk needs work as well. Lots of people now use this sidewalk to access the staircase up to the Linear Park.

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