Ada Books 10thiversary Celebration

(9.9) Hooray for Ada Books, the West End’s “stubborn purveyor of an outmoded technology.”

Ada offers things of ink, things of ink on paper. Mostly books.  Some comics.  Things people call ‘zines and minis and whatsits.  There are posters and prints and words on vinyl coming at you 33 1/3 revolutions per minute.  Cards have their corner, none of them Hallmarkian. There are some soft seats, but they aren’t for sale.  Ada’s bigger than before.  Beefy with books and things. Not Strand big, not Powell’s. But big enough for Providence, probably.

Head over to Ada Books this Friday and help owner Brent Legault celebrate 10 years of books, authors, poetry readings, and EphemerAda. (Facebook event page.)

This has been quite a year and should be celebrated just on its own merits. They have survived a busted pipe, soggy books, and a real estate closing — always hellacious — but now they own the place which augurs well for the next 10 years.

And look what I just learned at the FAQ page regarding the acceptable pronunciations of ‘Ada.’ Brent’s preference would be,

Ah-duh; sounds like “enchilada” or “Eric Estrada.” This is the way I, your Stubborn Purveyor, prefer to say it. It’s also the way Vladimir Nabokov said it, more or less, and it is his Ada the shop was named for.

So Mr. Legault is a very amusing fellow and promises to provide games and prizes and refreshments for the celebration. (Enchiladas?)

6pm to 9pm, Friday, September 9, Ada Books, 717 Westminster Street, 401.573.2980, (directions)

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