Tuesday Primary Day

(9.13) Tuesday could signal the beginning of the end for the old guard of DINO democrats that currently control the Rhode Island general assembly. Out of the 27 primaries for assembly seats, 12 will determine who gets the seat. (If you are new to town, that means there will be no opponent for that person in the general election — a chronic problem in this de facto one-party system.)

Sam Bell, the energetic director of the local chapter of Progressive Democrats of America, has been working with some excellent candidates who represent traditional liberal principles. RIPDA is part of an informal coalition of progressive organizers backing these primary challenges with ProgressRI, an informational/fundraising website.

Of special interest here in Providence is Marcia Ranglin-Vassell candidate for state rep, District 5 (Charles, Wanskuck, and Elmhurst), who challenges House Majority Leader John D. DeSimone.

RIPDA has also endorsed Moira Walsh for state rep District 3, (Charles, Wanskuck, Smith Hill).

Expect some changes with your ballot, the state has updated its 20-year-old voting equipment and you will now be filling in ovals. No more connecting/completing the arrow. And you will be inserting that ballot into the new tabulation machines. (ProJo 9.10.16) And there are new rules about selfies.

The state Board of Elections has modified its regulations on photo-taking and electronic recording in polling places. Voters will be allowed to take photos of themselves in polling places if they wish, so long as they don’t photograph other people. Specifically, the electronic recording of votes cast by another person is prohibited. The board adopted the regulation, noting that selfies appeal to younger voters.

Also of interest is where the candidates stand on legalizing marijuana. Motif RI has come up with a comprehensive report. Go to “CannaScore: Where do the candidates stand on cannabis?”

Polls close at 8pm. Go to the Secretary of State ‘Voter Information Center’ to find your polling place.

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