A ‘Body Blow’ To The General Assembly

Six incumbents gone! House Majority Leader DeSimone gone! Jan Malik gone! Such good news from yesterday’s primaries, and look how close some of those races were.

First-time candidate Moira Walsh won her District 3 seat by 21 votes; Marcia Ranglin-Vassell ousted DeSimone by a mere 17 votes! (Mr. D. will now have more time for running his errands. (Pay your taxes. Declutter. Empty your desk!)

From the ProJo.

Progressive Democrats State Coordinator Sam Bell called the results a “body blow to the political machine.”

(Two worthy progressives who did not prevail yesterday are William DeWare of North Providence and David Norton of Pawtucket. Thanks to both of them for their hard work, and try again.)

Attention Mr. Mattiello. You are next. Attorney, Brown grad, and Republican National Committeeman, Steven Frias, won his Republican primary, and he wants to end legislative grants. He is a strong candidate and Mattiello knows it.

These gratifying primary results help take some of the sting out of the recent news that political columnist Edward Fitzpatrick will be leaving the ProJo on October 5th to be director of media and public relations at Roger Williams. Good luck Mr. Fitzpatrick. (RINPR 9.12.16)


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