Bob & Timmy’s To Reopen

Here’s some welcome news. Tim “Timmy” Doyle, original owner of Bob & Timmy’s Grilled Pizza at 32 Spruce Street, is getting it up and running again. It had been closed for the summer. Mark Reynolds at the ProJo reports,

Doyle, who has been working for a construction company in Connecticut, said he and his business partner, Kyle Klewin, intend to reinvigorate the pizzeria, which has been at the location since he established it.

He and Klewin have signed a lease and they are renovating the space. The menu will not change, but the quality of the pizza and food will improve from where it was in recent months, Doyle said.

Lots of work going on earlier today, inside and out. I was told that the reopening is probably still a month away.

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