(9.25) I love this artwork but . . . how many E’s we got going on here? No matter. The Rhode Island Independent Publishing Expo (RIExpo) has events all weekend in assorted venues. Friday has already kicked off at Ada Books! Sorry about the lateness.

Saturday, 11am to 4pmAS220, 115 Empire Street. Artists and writers from all over North America will join local creators to exhibit work and generate discussion.

Saturday, 1pm to 2:30pm — Providence Public Library downtown, 3rd floor, ‘Possible Futures’ with Kevin Czap, Kate Schapira, Metropolarity, and Lorin Smith.

Sunday, 10am to noon — Open House, RISD Library, Special Collections

An open­ house event for RIPExpo attendees & exhibitors to visit a collection of inspirational resources for artists and designers. A selection of books, zines and experimental publications will be displayed on our tables to view and explore. Guests are invited to learn about our special collections and artists’ books and how to access the collection, as well as learn about our new zine collection and how they can be a part of it. Zine donations welcome.

Sunday, 3pm to 3:50pm — Back to the PPL 3rd floor, ‘Providence Comics Consortium Workshop’ with Walker Mettling. (Go to the website and check out the photo of this guy. I’m sure he’s a very nice person . . . it just looks like he may have a bit of “The Shine” to him. The kid on the right knows what I’m talking about.)

This event is sponsored by the PPL and AS220, and RIExpo is a 2016 Rhode Island State Council for the Arts (RISCA) grant recipient. Don’t forget, the deadline for applications for Rhode Island State Council for Arts grants is looming.

Free and open to the public, RIPExpo, Providence Public Library, 150 Empire Street, (directions)

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