Rosenkrantz On Bourdain Web Show — Raw Craft

Local luthier Rachel Rosenkrantz will appear on the new season of the Anthony Bourdain web show ‘Raw Craft.’ The series, created to promote the Balvenie Distillery in Scotland, is itself well-crafted, and features “artisans who make incredible things by hand.” (Makezine.)

Go here to watch the teaser for episode nine with Rachel showing Bourdain how to create a guitar, in what appears to be a residence rather than her Pawtucket studio. (Note: “Music by Tim O’Keefe & Andy Rourke”)

We first wrote about the lovely French transplant (immigrants . . . stealing all our luthier jobs) a couple of years ago when Rachel had just set up shop in Pawtucket, “Atelier Rosenkrantz Open For Business.” Not only does she create and repair traditional instruments, but she also fabricated that amazing whale guitar and the beer tap handles at The Dean Hotel restaurant, Faust.

Rosenkrantz is also a talented musician, whether swinging on upright bass with some jazzy combo, or performing with Reed McClaren (gothic harp, bouzouki, shruti box drone, etc.) as one half of Two Selkies.

Bourdain is always good company. Other episodes have featured a metalsmith, a tailor, and a bookbinder.

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