Record Store Day At What Cheer Records

(11.25) Nobody celebrates Record Store Day like Chris and Jennifer Daltry owners of What Cheer Records on Thayer Street. Here we see the lovely Jennifer being forced to pose awkwardly with a package of special releases newly arrived from the RSD Mother Ship. What will it be?! Go here to see the RSD Master List from which store owners order. They don’t always get what they want, and there can be some wacky surprises. There will also be assorted RSD tchotchkes for sale.

At any rate, the Daltrys always turn the day into a party and it’s a great place to bring/get away from your relatives. (Facebook event.)

. . . to celebrate indie record shops + hear live music + shop local as there will be a sale on all non-RSD new and used stock (excluding band merch). all used stuff will be 30% OFF and new stuff will be 15% OFF

And what better way to celebrate vinyl recordings than with live music. This year features Girls Guns and Glory, Ian Fitzgerald, and Dan Blakeslee. With DJ Jennifer Jane spinning in between. And Narragansett Beer.

The other record stores in the area include: Olympic Records and Round Again Records, both on Wickenden Street; and Armageddon Shop on Broadway. Check ’em out.

And if you aren’t watching Soundbreaking: Stories from the Cutting Edge of Recorded Music on PBS . . . why the hell not?!

10am to 8pm, Friday, November 25, What Cheer Records, 180 Angell Street, (directions)

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