Be Thankful For Journalists

We need them now more than ever and they need to be paid! Apparently subscriptions to the bona fide newspapers are on the rise since the election and that is a good thing. Democracy can not survive without a free press and they have to be supported . . . with cash dollars! Journalists can not pay their bills with your “likes.”

Particular thanks to David Fahrenthold who is still getting it done over at The Washington Post. Just give him the Pulitzer already. Go here to subscribe.

And you don’t need home delivery like old people, you can get pretty cheap digital access. (But honestly, you need the hard copy of The New York Times for Sunday mornings. How else you gonna show off and do the crossword puzzle in pen?) Looks like there are some holiday subscription rates being offered right now. Go here to subscribe to The New York Times.

And maybe we should keep on eye on the Rhode Island general assembly. I suppose we could try the honor system. (Two words: Nicholas Mattiello.) Subscribe to The Providence Journal.

And a huge ‘thank you’ to Bob Plain, Steve Ahlquist, and all the hard-working folks over at RI for keeping an eye on so many local events. They have been covering the committee meetings, and school board meetings, and city council meetings, and keeping eye out for the corruption and self-dealing that can take root there. You can support their efforts; go here to donate to RI Future.

(And thank you to the all the hardworking photojournalists as well, like the unknown hero who caught this rare footage of the first Thanksgiving.)

Go here to watch John Oliver’s excellent piece on the troubled newspaper industry and why we need journalists.

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  1. Sheila OConnell

    “… You don’t need home delivery like old people …” That’s a bit ageist! Some of us old-timers who read the old-fashioned print newspapers are surprisingly well-informed. Although we may not know who Rihanna is dating right now.

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