‘Pot & Profit’ Forum At RIC

(12.5) So how did things shake out for marijuana reform in the upheaval of the recent election? The President-elect has, in the past, indicated that marijuana regulation should be left to the states . . .  so we could work with that. But then he goes and nominates Alabama senator, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III — “good people don’t smoke marijuana” — to be his attorney general.

Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) issued a statement urging Sessions to embrace the policies of the man who is appointing him.

Politico evaluated 7 big areas where Jeff Sessions could change policy at DOJ including ‘marijuana.’

“[Sessions] has a wide variety of options when it comes to cracking down, if he chooses to do so,” said Erik Altieri, the executive director of NORML, a group that supports marijuana legalization. “That could range from simply raiding and shutting down state legal stores, bringing criminal penalties against the owners of those stores and it could be throwing up roadblocks when it comes to the implementation of these ballot initiatives.”

Of course the good news this year — four states voted to end marijuana prohibition (including Massachusetts) and another three states have adopted medical marijuana laws. So what about Rhode Island?

There will be lots to talk about at the “Pot & Profit in Rhode Island” a Publick Occurences forum next Monday at Rhode Island College. The third of the three panels is titled, “The Future,” and who better to evaluate the road ahead than my friend Jared Moffat, director of Regulate Rhode Island. A more knowledgeable and persuasive advocate it would be hard to find. Following the good news out of Massachusetts, Governor Raimondo told WPRI it may be time to take a new look at the issue. Said Moffat,

Be ready to take action. Political leaders are promising to “look at” the issue, but we will need to show strong public support to ensure we succeed.

The Publick Occurences forum is free but register ahead. You are asked to arrive at 5:45pm.

Free, 6pm to 8pm, Monday, December 5, Sapinsley Hall, RIC, 600 Mt. Pleasant Avenue, (directions)

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