‘Verdant Vibes’ At Hope Artiste

(12.4) And now for something completely different. Avant music ensemble Verdant Vibes presents “new electro/acoustic music and multimedia by composers from around the world . . . lots of grooving, epic, sublime new music, with electronics, video, improv, etc. at the Hope Artiste Village.” This will be a Nutcracker-free zone for those with seasonal allergies.

Awarded the 2016 Dorry Award for “Classical Performance of the Year,” Verdant Vibes is a new music ensemble and concert series based in Providence with new work in a variety of genres and media, acoustic and electronic. “By highlighting the diversity of music composition and performance of our time, we seek to eschew perceived boundaries, cross-pollinate ideas and influences, and build a greater community celebrating the work of living artists.”

Eschew your own boundaries with special guest performers Mary Prescott (NYC) in “Alice”

. . . pianist Mary Prescott delves into a world of experimental art music – a hyper-sensory dimension of fantasy, curiosity, and unpredictability. Examining Lewis Carrol’s surreal Victorian novel through improvisation, Prescott tries and tests the concepts of time, identity, reality and rules, noting that traditions behave strangely in Wonderland.

. . . and Michael DeQuattro, resident dance accompanist/composer and adjunct faculty at Roger Williams University.

He is accomplished in many styles including improvisational, world, jazz, classical, and blues. He has performed with notable artists such as The Moody Blues, opera singer Maria Spacagna, marimbist Nanae Mimura, flautist Carol Wincenc, and pianist Judith Stillman.

(Facebook event page.)

$10, 7pm to 10pm, Sunday, December 4, Zabinski Studio, Hope Artiste Village, 999 Main Street, (directions)

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