Eclectic Show At ArtProv Gallery

Someone should buy this thing . . . it’s only $475!* These fabulous steel wire sculptures are one of the many reasons to check out “This & That” a show and sale of one-of-a-kind paintings, sculptures, and ceramics, at ArtProv Gallery, now through January 20th. While these have little moveable bits, Canadian artist James Peterson’s larger piece (right at the entrance) can more truly be called kinetic.

The organizing principal behind the exhibition was pretty simple: Artists were asked to submit five pieces each. That could be a recipe for incoherent clutter, but the gallery is spacious enough to accommodate the variety. It works.

Dog lovers and psilocybin aficionados alike will enjoy the oil-on-canvas “Ein the Corgi” by Kate Hoyer (detail below). I’m pretty sure I saw this once, only it wasn’t a dog, it was a carpet.

Go here for gallery hours. Evening hours by appointment.

*Check out the 2009 documentary “Herb & Dorothy.” Starting out as a young married couple in the 60’s, the Vogels gradually filled their modest Manhattan apartment with an invaluable hoard of modern art on their combined postal worker/librarian salaries. Talk about lives well-lived. They are a charming couple.

Through January 20, ArtProv Gallery, 150 Chestnut Street, 3rd floor, (directions)

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