Week In Music

Monday@Aurora, Loone, LaNeve, Flowers & the Ghosts of Insects

Tuesday@AS220, YungViceCity, Sheezter.Pink, Ba$hout, more

Wednesday@AS220, David Carradine, Crippled Beggar, Worst Days, God’s Middle Finger @Aurora, Littleboybigheadonbike, Tiny Diamond, Ian Fitzgerald

Thursday@the Met, Blackletter, Call Security, Emeline @Fête Lounge, Whisky Fyre, Let Us Prey, Deathwish, My Missing Half, Resistor, SeaKing Heir @AS220, Max Orsini, Ben Guihan, Drew Christensen @News Café, AdapterAdapter, Heartsick Satellite, Sunshine Riot

(Photo of AdapterAdapter)

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