Off The Chain — Waterman Street Dog Park

Trust me, there are dogs in this picture, but they didn’t come to the off-leash Waterman Street Dog Park to pose for me. This place is huge and dogs make full use of the opportunity to stretch their legs and because . . . squirrel! One goofy young boxer zoomed around, wagged in my general direction, and disappeared into the far distance. It’s fun being around this exuberant dog energy.

The park designers knew what they were doing. First you enter the gate transfer system — signs lay out the protocol for everyone getting in and out. On the left one enters the smaller fenced-in area where the small dogs and puppies can cavort. On the right is the large park; all of this is completely surrounded by a 5-foot chain link fence.

The park is open dawn to dusk — no dogs in heat or puppies under four months old please. Other rules include:

All dogs must wear a collar with identification and current rabies tag.

A limit of three dogs per visitor.

Dog waste must be cleaned up immediately.

Children under 14 must be supervised by an adult. For children’s safety, do not bring children under age 6 into the park.

There is some ‘assumption of risk’ language on the sign as well “Users of the facility do so at their own risk.” The city of Providence Providence is not liable, and so forth.

Be aware of the new traffic pattern at the end of Waterman Street. Where you used to speed up and lean into the left getting on the Henderson Bridge, there is now a clearly marked parking lane at the gate to the dog park, so slow down. People are getting in and out of cars with dogs. (map here)

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