Two East Side Fire Stations Close

Budget cuts and reorganization have forced the closing of two Providence Fire Stations. The new union contract stipulates that Engine 5 at Humboldt Avenue be disbanded, while continuing its air-supply operations. Engine 4 at Rochambeau Avenue has also been decommissioned. Saturday was the last shift. According to the ProJo the fire engines will also be retired. The effect on response times and keeping hydrants clear of snow was raised as an issue.

Firefighters at both stations expressed concern over how nearly 140 fire hydrants in each district will get shoveled out on Sunday after the snowstorm. Clearing access to hydrants has traditionally been the work of firefighters, after snowplows inadvertently bury them while clearing snow.

This building has seen better days and it sits on prime real estate. I suspect its days are numbered. From the outside anyway, the brick Rochambeau Avenue station looks to be in much better shape. Maybe it can be repurposed.

The Humboldt Avenue station was erected in 1907 (E.T. Banning, architect).

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