Women’s Rally At State House

(1.21) These rallies are taking place in cities all around the country and I hope the crowds look angry and dangerous. Because future demonstrations (let’s retire the word “rally” for now) must be targeted directly at Trump-owned properties, especially his D.C. hotel (where, by Saturday, he will be his own landlord). Life should be made absolutely miserable for all the oligarchs, plutocrats, murderous tyrants, and lobbyists, who will want to curry favor with the new president. (By all accounts normal tourists and conventioneers are avoiding the hotel like it has bedbugs.) Let’s scream non-stop obscenities at the top of our lungs, carry rude signs, and get arrested.

And forget the state house lawns, the Lincoln Memorial, or even the White House, we have to take this to Trump Inc., and anything labeled Trump, from Fifth Avenue to Palm Beach.

Just consider the courage of the young Pussy Riot girls who challenged Putin directly and spent months in a hellish Russian prison. What could be more terrifying? How can we do less? We still have, for now anyway, a Bill of Rights and habeas corpus, and various other hard-won protections in place. (By the way, Pussy Riot’s Nadya Tolokonnikova did try to warn us about Trump.)

So on Saturday we can rally — but after that, let’s rumble! If you aren’t willing to put your ass on the line, then remove that “Well-behaved women don’t make history” bumper sticker from your car. Time to forget the drum circles, the hand-holding, the love-trumps-stuff signs. Self care my ass. Put yourself out there and find out what tear gas tastes like. Get a few stitches. The stakes are high. Don’t run away from the fight. Be your own Pussy Riot.

Women’s Rally, 1pm to 3pm, Saturday, January 21, South Lawn, Rhode Island State House, (directions), FB




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