Endangered Specie?

Nah, we love the Avon’s Kennedy half dollars. Is there any other business in this entire country that still uses these things? I never see or receive them anywhere else. The people at the U.S. mint would probably discontinue them . . . if it weren’t for the huge weekly shipment to that one old movie house up north.

Finding one of these hefty coins in your wallet is always a pleasant reminder — hey I went to the movies last night! It could be a plot point in a Providence murder mystery, “A Kennedy half-dollar was found in the victim’s pocket. She had been to the Avon.”

The young lady behind the counter laughed as I took this photo (no one was waiting) adding that newcomers to the theater thought the Kennedy coins were being used as a special flourish during the showing of “Jackie.” Not hardly . . . they’ve been doling these half dollars out for ages.

“Jackie,” which captures the immediate aftermath of the Kennedy assassination, with a few flash-backs, will play at the Avon to February 2. Natalie Portman was born to play Jackie Kennedy. Her perfectly calibrated performance has been nominated for an Oscar. She is in every frame, usually in close up. This is 99 minutes of very intimate, chest-squeezing drama. The strange tone, the spacey cello swoops on the soundtrack, and the cinematography (color-corrected for a 60’s look, very clever) evoke a weird, dreamlike ‘November 1963.’ This movie is unique and intense. I was very uncomfortable for much of it. I liked it a lot.

Go here for the New York Times review.

The Avon Cinema, 260 Thayer Street, 401.421.0020, (directions)

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