Spelling Bee At AS220

(1.28) We knew he couldn’t stay away. Spelling is much like the Mafia. Just when you think you’ve gotten out, it’ll just keep pulling you back in.

Bee Maestro and Word-Knower Nonpareil, Matthew Lawrence, sent out this invitation via his weekly ‘Law & Order Party’ email blast (which you should get).

I’m hosting the Providence Community Library Spelling Bee at AS220 on Saturday. The event starts at 7pm and anyone – well, the first 30 people to sign up – can spell. (Even if you don’t spell, though, it’s a really fun event.) Tickets are $5 each – it’s $10 more if you’d like to compete – and all proceeds go to Providence Community Library, the city’s system of nine neighborhood libraries. Without going on a whole big rant, public libraries are always vital but even more so during trying political times, and Providence’s non-profit library systems rely on people like you to succeed.

It costs $10 to compete, just $5 to get in. Just think, you could be crowned Best Speller of the Year! And it’s a surprisingly entertaining spectator sport. You are in a bar after all. Having said that, I like to keep a clear head so I can properly handicap the spellers while the window is still open. (Look to see who goes up to the microphone holding their beer.)

For info contact jfuentes@provcomlib.org or call (860) 550-0745.

Admission $5, 7pm to 10pm, Saturday, January 28, AS220, 115 Empire Street, (directions)

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