Durk’s Bar·B·Q Does Takeout

Fatty Brisket . . . my new country western name. Durk’s is great and now they have take-out service. On my first visit, I chose the brisket. You can specify fatty or less fatty. But c’mon people; the fat is where the flavor hides.

Can’t get your kids to eat vegetables? Start with these crispy brussel sprouts (see below). The cole slaw is also fabulous. The corn bread comes in little grilled pucks, which they smear with butter before packing it up! This detail meant a lot to me.

When ordering to go, you walk up to the register where they hand you an order form and little pencil. Fill that out, then head over, walk past the cash register, and hand it to the guys behind the food counter, and wait and watch as they prep your meat and sides.

I wish I had gotten this guy’s name but the line was all very congenial. People chatted and added more items to their menu (there are more pencils at that counter for impulse buys). Those black gloves are kind of badass. You pay for your meal back at the cash register. I gather the sit-down service operates the same way.

They have a button on the website for pre-ordering online which at the time of this writing has not been activated. That will be helpful for those in a hurry, but I didn’t mind the wait. I’ll be back.

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Durk’s Bar·B·Q, 275 Thayer Street, (directions)





These are the crispy brussel sprouts. In back are the pinto beans. Upper right are the corn bread pucks which I can’t stop thinking about.

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