Paul Ryan In Town — Let’s Go Say Hello

(3.2) Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is coming to town Thursday. His exact plans and itinerary are not known at this time. According to the ProJo,

The reason for the Wisconsin Republican’s visit to the Ocean State — and the timing of his anticipated arrival — have not been publicly disclosed. State GOP Chairman Brandon Bell told The Journal he had no information about the visit or any fundraisers that might take place, in Rhode Island, in conjunction with it.

State Rep. Aaron Regunberg (D-Prov) and other organizers (Liberal organizers! I knew it!) invite you to join their welcoming committee — check it out at “Paul Ryan: RI has some words for you” on Facebook. It is unclear why Ryan is being brought to the 40 Fountain Street location which seems to house the R.I. Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS) . . . you know . . . takers. He may want to exploit the venue for an image-softening photo-op.

We here at The Dose have been helping to announce some of the local, resistance-related events, but keeping up with the burgeoning demonstration/confrontation scene is best done at Resist Hate RI and RI Future Events.

[Update: He will be visiting Year Up at that address. ProJo 3.1.17.]

Welcome Paul Ryan, 3:30pm to 5:30pm, Thursday, March 2, 40 Fountain Street, (directions)

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