Kilmartin Tries Some Gorilla Dust

What Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin doesn’t want you thinking about right now:

  1. His role as one of the legislators who voted ‘yes’ to pass the legislation that paved the way for the disastrous, state-backed 38 Studios loan.
  2. His role in the subsequent four-year investigation (ended last summer) which has resulted in no charges being brought against anyone involved.
  3. Last week’s release of state police documents in which “there were no transcripts of interviews with any state senators, 36 representatives or any information about Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin’s interview.” According to the Providence Journal, “RI State Police chief blasts 38 Studios probe”

Col. Ann Assumpico, the newly appointed Superintendent of the State Police, was so appalled by the documents — and Curt Schilling’s latest tirade — that she immediately called a press conference to make clear, “It’s not the way I expect investigations to be handled under my command.”

Governor Raimondo “called the investigation ‘sloppier than it should have been’ adding that it did not answer her questions about the failure of 38 Studios.”

What Attorney General Peter F. Kilmartin does want you thinking about right now:

  1. Marijuana is a dangerous dangerous drug and I am here to save your children from brain damage!!!!

Representatives from the A.G.’s Office are petitioning city councils around the state to back his resolution opposing marijuana regulation. In the February 24th ProJo “AG rips drive to legalize weed,” spokesperson Joee Lindbeck is credited with the following remarkable statement, “Where there’s drugs, there’s violence.”

Not exactly. It would be much more accurate to say “Where there’s an illegal drug market, there’s violence.”

This headline-grabbing campaign would seem like a useful distraction for Kilmartin right about now. The attorney general position is up for grabs again in 2018.

(Here is Regulate RI’s point-by-point refutation to the Attorney General’s resolution. More soon on the upcoming legislation to regulate and tax marijuana like alcohol.)

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