Week In Music

Monday@Psychic Readings, Chelsea Poe, Strap-On Ritual, Baby Baby @Dusk, Darklands, Lychi, Deep Hole @AS220, Wet Mut (album release), Lady Queen Paradise, J

Tuesday — start your own band

Wednesday@Dusk, Missinvader, Corot, Black Phillip @Aurora, XR Tabs, Jesse the Tree @Nick-A-Nee’s, Best Ever Chicken

Thursday@Fête Lounge, (6:30) Chris Trapper, the Silent Shoals (8pm) Christopher Martin @Firehouse 13, (college rock hunt) Chameleon Culture, Wild Sun, Toad and the Stooligans, Set the Record Straight @Alchemy, Cloud Buster, Humble Digs, Yopoh

(Photo of Humble Digs)


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