Weekend In Music

Friday@Dusk, Viennagram, Triangle Forest @AS220, Little Compton Band, Sinnet, Salvador Jolly @Psychic Readings, the Divided Self, Simulcast, Milkmaid II, PeChe SuShe @Firehouse 13, God of Nothing, Among the Cypress, Edorra, Regime, Sedatives, Vile @the Met, Sarah Potenza, Joshua Davis, Cowboy & Lady @Nick-A-Nee’s, Curtis Mayflower @News Café, Daddy’s Girl, Karis Owen, Nate Cozzolino and the Lost Arts, LittleBoyBigHeadonBike @Fête Ballroom, Crystal Garden, Boyd Tinsley, Forest Fires

Saturday@AS220, Alice Bag, Phantom Rides, Secret Circle, Bed Death @Dusk, Malleus, D-Sagawa, Brazen Gate, Implosion Crusade @the Met, Morals, Fault, Forest Fires @Fête (Tattoo and Music Fest), Bury Your Dead, Revocation, Bloodriders, more @Nick-A-Nee’s, the Red Pennys @Machines With Magnets, John Bender, Valise, Universal Cell Unlock, Sakiko, Cream Candles, Hand of Food @News Café, Great Gale, Night Nurses, Wild Life, Tiny Diamond @Firehouse 13, Matthias Steele, Ravage, Fiakra, Goblet, Knight Owl

Sunday@Aurora, Horoscope, Valise, Val Martino, Fixation, Vosp @Psychic Readings, Pondering, Iris Creamer, the Lopez (Pit), Floor 3 @Dusk, Seven Spires, Arc of the Sun, Among the Cypress, Faith from Fable @Machines With Magnets, Colleen Green, the Memories, Emotional

(Photo of Among the Cypress)

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