Patriots’ Day

On this day we commemorate the battles of Lexington and Concord in 1775 and the midnight ride of Paul Revere. For the real story of that ride go here.

It is well known that Paul Revere was captured on the road outside of Lexington, and never arrived in Concord. It is also well known that a third man in Revere’s party, Dr. Samuel Prescott., who joined Revere and Dawes outside of Lexington, did alarm the militia in Concord, where he lived. Thus, it has sometimes been argued that Revere never “finished” his ride.

And Revere would not have been yelling “The British are coming.” Everybody was British; it wouldn’t have made any sense. “Red Coats” maybe. “Regulars” most likely.

You can see this 1765 Paul Revere tankard (on the left) at the RISD Museum (although not today, they are closed.)

The Red Sox play Tampa Bay at 11am. If that’s not your thing try the HBO series John Adams.

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