RISD Student Art Sale

(4.22) Head over to Benefit Street Saturday for the annual Spring RISD Student Art Sale. The street is blocked off in front of the RISD Museum between College and Waterman Streets with tables, tents, food trucks, and live entertainment. (If you have time check out Café Pearl right inside the museum entrance . . . espresso drinks, etc. It’s before you pay admission.)

Seen here is “White Wall” winner of this year’s Dorner Prize. This installation framing the door of the Radeke Building is the work of three students (two architecture and one furniture). Nearby text describes it as “a bamboo screen and performance space that formalizes the invisible socioeconmic obstructions to museum accessibility.” The structure has been fabricated out of bamboo, paint, glavanized steel fasteners, and lots and lots of plastic cable ties.

The text goes on, “. . . this project is offered by the artists as a scaffolding for others to join the conversation.” Okay then. Plastic cable ties are an artistic medium with environmental implications and I hope the artists will reconsider their use in the future.

Student sale is free and open to the public, 10am to 2pm, Saturday, April 22, Benefit Street, (directions)

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