New Lovecraft Beer — The Temple

Anyone wondering how artist Scott Minzy got the gig for the latest Lovecraft beer label need look no further than the Minzy Artist Statement at the ‘About’ page on his website, a Venn diagram of distress which is either hilarious or alarming. Better still, check out his portfolio which includes the remarkable original blockprint for The Temple label. You can buy this hand-printed linocut for $99. Minzy lives and works in Maine.

The crew over at Narragansett Beer must have its hands full brewing and working on the new Pawtucket facility because nobody has had time to update the website with details of this new addition to the Lovecraft series. But it is available — I bought this at Nikki’s yesterday. All I know is that The Temple is a Märzen, a Bavarian style lager that is brewed in March, hence the name.

Ist sticke altbier, ja?

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  1. There was a hint that this beer was being brewed. Then it leaked out that it was being canned. Then all reference to it disappeared from the internet. Then the release was very quiet. I’m picking mine up Saturday in MA. I was told it won’t be promoted till the Black Lager is almost gone. I don’t believe the amount is as much as normally comes out of Rochester NY. This was brewed and canned in Pawtucket.

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