Weekend In Music

Friday@the Columbus Theatre upstairs, Silverteeth, Audrey Harrer @the Met, Missio, Irontom, the Parkwoods @AS220, the Whole Facade, Michel, Familiar Spaces @Machines With Magnets, Edgar Clinks, Purrer, Lady Queen Paradise, Fine. @the Parlour, drink & drum @Fête Lounge, the Wolff Sisters, Natále, Drone Dolores

Saturday@Dusk, Wreak, Rampant Decay, Leash, Hell Bent, Implosion Crusade @the Met, I Don’t Know Jeffrey, CHXPO @AS220, Jay Rich, Retro Ray, McCoy Price, Trav Black, Monee, Noop @Aurora (matinee), Thou, Cloud Rat, Molach, Mar

Sunday@Aurora, Blue Clue Quartet

(Photo of Silverteeth)

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