Justin Trudeau To Give Keynote At Governors Confab

Gina can be forgiven for looking forward to this year’s meeting of the National Governors Association with particular relish. It has been announced that Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will arrive in Rhode Island on July 14th to deliver the keynote address. Just think of it — Governor Raimondo has been dealing with, and looking at, guys like Nicholas Mattiello and Dominick Ruggerio all damn summer. She has earned this.  And before you accuse me of being shallow and superficial . . . um . . .

Let’s face it, Mr. Trudeau has been a breath of fresh air in these soul-curdling times. I fell in love early on when he was asked to explain the high number of women appointed to his cabinet.

Trudeau famously said he did it because “it’s 2015.”

Neither the Providence Journal nor the Washington Post has information on where this event is taking place. (Please take Justin somewhere nice. I want him to like me.)

Oh, and Elon Musk will be in attendance as well.

Justin Trudeau’s keynote address, July 14, Secret Hideout, 2017 Summer Meeting of the National Governors Association, Rhode Island

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  1. John McGrath

    Perhaps slick Justin can explain why he is an enthusiastic supporter of fracking, tar sands drilling and the pipeline in the US that Native Americans have been protesting so valiantly (it is being developed by a Canadian company). And why he has avoided any real acknolwedgement of Cabnada’s nasty record of abusing Native Americans (including thousands and thousands of deaths/many of them murders at Anglican and Catholic schools carrying out Canadian govt policies).

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