The Right To Bare Arms And Liberty Of Conscience

House Speaker Paul Ryan recently made it clear that women should not be wearing sleeveless dresses in the House Chamber. Oh, and no toe cleavage! Just another occasion for sin.

Meanwhile, our sexually repressed vice-president can’t allow himself to be left alone in a room with any woman not his wife (who he calls ‘Mother’ by the way). And that’s any woman, like say, Rhode Island’s Governor Gina Raimondo — no matter how long her sleeves are — because if she starts talking about women’s health care or NAFTA he might get a boner and Jesus is watching . . . “Mother!”

The National Governors Association Summer Meeting takes place in Providence this weekend and I do hope they have made accommodations for Pence’s “disability.” What a burden it must be for evangelicals forced to travel to parts of the country where prophylactic gender separation isn’t simply the norm.

I wonder if Mike Pence, signer/waffler of Indiana’s ‘Religious Freedom Restoration Act,’ knows that he has landed smack dab in the birthplace of the real deal. Somebody please school this dreadful man on a true champion of religious freedom, Roger Williams, and his extraordinary idea that a wall of separation between church and state was essential for all other liberties.

Williams considered any effort by the state either to dictate religion or to promote any particular religious idea or practice as forced worship. He declared, “Forced worship stinks in the nostrils of God.”

At any rate, Pence is scheduled to appear at the National Governors Association Summer Meeting on Friday where he will be introducing a real man, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Our Revolution RI will be protesting on Sabin Street from 2:30pm to 4pm. (Facebook event.)

Pence, Friday afternoon, July 14, RI Convention Center, One Sabin Street, (directions)

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